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How much does it Cost?

Pack 846 STRIVES to make scouting the lowest cost experience as possible! 

Registration / Application Fee 2022-2023: TBD

Pack Dues 

100% goes to the Council and National level. We rely on our Cub Scout Popcorn Sales as our main Fundraiser for the program. If each scout hits their goal of popcorn sold we are fully funded! (Usually $700)  If a scout chooses to opt out of popcorn sales the family can choose to pay a $75 opt out fee.

Re-charter Fee
Typically no additional charge! This fee is paid to the Council in February to cover our insurance & membership. These charges are covered by your Registration Fees and Popcorn Sales. The Pack also pays for all Leadership position registrations. Again, as long as we hit our Popcorn Sales goal, we don’t have to charge for these fees! 

Individual Activity Charges
Paid on an event by event basis. Many of our activities are free, and most of our paid activities qualify for group or reduced admission so there is a savings vs. paying for these events individually (like a Jackals Game Overnight). We try to make our Pack campouts as low cost as possible to cover food costs! 

Scouting "Class A" Uniforms
See the checklist above for the cost and items needed for your child to be in proper uniform at our events. The pack gives the boys their new neckerchief and slide. 

"Class B" Shirts
For many of our events, when a full uniform isn’t practical, but we still want to be identified as cub scouts, we encourage the boys to wear “class B” scout t-shirts. These shirts are available from the Northern New Jersey Scout Shop or shop online at www.scoutstuff.org. Some years we may offer a Pack 846 T-shirts for purchase. 

The Best News
We will participate in at least two fundraisers throughout the year. When we achieve our goals it helps keep scouting affordable. 

Cub Scout Popcorn Sales (Main fundraiser) 

Memorial Day American Flag Fundraiser (We do this fundraiser and give a % of the proceeds to a local charitable organization IF we don’t use this to make up for low Popcorn sales) 

Tax Deductions: Most scouting items such as uniforms are tax deductible. Save all scouting receipts even for scouting events and activities. Always check with your tax advisor to see what can or can’t be claimed. 

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