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Pinewood Builders Workshop

  • 5 Jan 2019
  • 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Trinity Cafeteria


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Become one of the millions of Cub Scouts who have been building and racing Pinewood Derby® cars since 1953. Partnered with a parent or adult mentor, Cub Scouts work together, strengthening bonds and building confidence – and their own custom race cars! They begin by choosing a car design, then carve it out and detail it with paint, decals and other accessories, and perfect strategies to compete in their pack's Pinewood Derby. It's a wonderful learning experience centered on teamwork, ingenuity and sportsmanship – all for the thrill of the race and a lifetime of great memories to share with fellow racers young and old.

The Pinewood Builders Workshop is an opportunity for parents and their scouts to meet with experienced Pinewood Derby racers and learn the fundamentals of designing, roughing, finishing and fine tuning a pinewood car. 

This workshop is open to all Pack 846 scouts and family members regardless of scout rank, age or experience. If you consider yourself a pinewood racing expert, then we encourage you to stop in and share your skills and encourage others in the Pack. The builders program will consist of:

  • Drawing out some design ideas and then, guided by an adult mentor, sketch the outline of your chosen design on the wooden block.
  • Cutting out the car shape using woodworking tools, letting your adult mentor help you with the difficult parts. Use sandpaper to smooth the surface.
  • Painting your car and adding decals available from the council scout shop, local hobby stores and www.scoutstuff.org.
  • Installing the axles and wheels, working with your adult mentor to make sure they fit the car body at the right angle and that the wheels spin easily.
  • Add accessories if you'd like (Remember to check the Pack 846 rules.)

Two very important notes from the Committee about Pinewood Derby:

Please remember the Cub Scout motto:  Do Your Best, and Have Fun Doing It.  It’s true: your scout’s Pinewood Derby car should actually be built by your scout, and it is also a great opportunity for him or her to do their best.  If you or your Scout are not interested in the more technical aspects of car building such as graphite or polishing axles and wheels, don’t worry about it!  Remember the motto!

Like most of our activities, the Pinewood Derby is a family event.  We will once again host races for parents, siblings, and former Cub Scouts on race day.  We strongly encourage parents and family members to design and build a car alongside their Scout.

Download the official Pack 846 Pinewood Derby Rules

Pinewood Rules Revised (2).pdf

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